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Dentleeve's side hole catheters have equivalent recording capabilities to other conventional manometry catheters. Key differences between these PVC catheters and Dentsleeve side-hole catheters are essentially sterilization, diameter and patient comfort. Dentsleeve's silicone rubber catheters are autoclavable; PVC catheters are unable to withstand such high temperatures and must be cleaned by less effective methods. Dentsleeve catheters are available in a range of diameters, with the smallest suitable for neonates; conventional PVC catheters are generally larger than Dentsleeve's. For patients, silicone rubber catheters mean enhanced comfort. A further benefit of silicone rubber is it's durability. Dentsleeve's silicone rubber catheters are tested for up to 50 uses (and autoclave cycles); PVC catheters cannot compare to this durability and long life.

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