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Customised Catheters

To meet your particular clinical and research needs, custom catheters with a variety of specialised components are available. We offer expert advice to help you design the optimal catheter.

Options include:

  • Silicone rubber balloons

  • Radio-opaque markers

  • Tip weights

  • Balloon attachment rings

  • Nickel-titanium stiffeners

  • Special types of sleeve sensors

Designing a Catheter

Custom catheters generally take 3-6 weeks to produce. Before work can begin we need to receive your completed Custom Catheter Design Form. Within 48 hours we will then fax back to you a Design Confirmation. Please sign and fax this back to us immediately. Work on your custom catheter will then begin.

Before deciding on a custom catheter, verify that no standard catheters that meet your needs exist. If no suitable catheter exists, next determine the number of channels you will need and the maximum diameter in millimetres (alternatively you can define the diameter by selecting an extrusion from the next PDF). Finally, consider component options for your catheter.

Please Note that All Customized Catheters are Non-Refundable.

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