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Water Perfused Catheters
Dentsleeve offers the most extensive range of water perfused catheters available, from adults to premature neonates.

Dentsleeve water perfused catheters are crafted to provide a unique level of patient comfort and safety. The greatly reduced need for catheter manipulation when the sleeve is used and reduced catheter diameter makes taking measurements as easy as possible for you and your patient. Autoclavability protects your patient’s safety, giving ultimate infection control without exposure to harmful chemicals.

Features and Benefits:
- Reliable recordings and ease of use.
- Unique level of patient comfort.
- Assured disinfection.
- Designs tailored to your needs if required.
- Comprehensive regulatory approvals.

The Clinical Catheter section provides information on Sleeve Sensor catheters, and Sidehole Catheters. Please click on the link provided for specific information and catheters designs in the relevant section.

The Customized Catheter section provides information on designing your own catheter. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any assistance or advice on catheter design that meets your specific needs.

Dentsleeve catheters are suitable for use with any manufacturer’s perfusion pump.

Clinical Catheters

Customised Catheters


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