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Welcome to Dentsleeve

Dentsleeve develops innovative and technically advanced devices for gastro-intestinal manometry. Our principal products are water perfused catheters for clinical and research applications. All Dentsleeve products are made of the highest quality materials to ensure patient comfort, safety as well as measurement accuracy.

Now based in Ontario, Canada, Dentsleeve has been built around the invention of the Sleeve sensor, which is specially designed for sphincter manometry. This sensor is unique; no other device with equivalent valuable clinical capabilities has been developed. Today, the Dentsleeve product range provides ideal measurement solutions for both routine clinical diagnostic manometric studies and for cutting-edge research measurements with products tailored to individual researcher needs.

The extensive product range is now well established. Regulatory approvals are held in most countries. Based on more than 28 years of continuous research and development by experts in gastro-intestinal manometry, Dentsleeve products now provide clinicians in over 44 countries with diagnostic tools that are easy to use, yet sophisticated and precise.

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