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Water perfusate filtration


  • Particles can cause blockage of hydraulic resistors (see Section 5, Perfusion rate/hydraulic resistors).

  • Our resistors that reduce perfusate flow rates to very low levels have a very fine lumen, and so are most susceptible to blockage.

  • Blockage is prevented by avoiding contamination with particles and by perfusate filtration.

  • Dentsleeve supplies a purpose-designed filter for perfusion manometry.
    Description/performance data

    Our water filter design has the same shape as the 0.3 micron gas filter, so must be distinguished from it (see page 60). The water filter has the marking "Water-20 um". The Dentsleeve product code is FIL/WA/1.

    On Dentsleeve manometric infusion pumps, this filter connects to the male luer of the reservoir squeeze clamp assembly outlet.

    The 20 micron filter pore size is suited to our entire range of hydraulic resistors.

    Low cost means these filters can be discarded as required to satisfy infection control requirements.

    We recommend de-ionised, degassed water, preferably prepared by reverse osmosis as this method of reparation greatly reduces particle load. If this is not available, heat-distilled water is next best.

    Care must be taken to ensure that the perfusate reservoir is kept meticulously clean and free of particles.

    The perfusate reservoir should be emptied after each use. If this is not done, algae can grow in the reservoir, cause clogging downstream, quite apart from infection control concerns.

    Clogging of the filter is recognised by a poor water jet through the filter when the perfusate reservoir is pressurised.

    Flow through the filter is best assessed with the filter outlet disconnected from its connection to the manifold.


    Filtration capacity needs to be conserved by minimisation of particle load.

    Supplied non-sterile, but autoclavable.


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