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Radio-opaque markings on assemblies

Radio-opaque markings on manometric assemblies


  • In some applications, it is desirable to identify the position of a manometric assembly by fluoroscopy.

  • Standard Dentsleeve extrusions and non-sleeve assemblies do not incorporate radio-opaque markers.

  • In the case of sleeve assemblies, the metal sleeve stiffener incorporated in the sleeve may be adequate as a marker.

  • If an assembly has a 1-1.5 mm diameter channel which opens to the lumen, filling of this with radiographic contrast will usually define the position of the assembly.

  • On request, Dentsleeve can supply assemblies with permanent radio-opaque markings tailored to individual need.

    Types of radio-opaque markings

    Specific manometric side holes can be marked by filling the manometric lumen immediately below the side hole with a radiodense marker.

    The nature of the marking that is best will depend on the application.

    Dentsleeve is happy to advise and to develop markings tailored to a particular need.

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