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Pressure transducer calibrators


  • Pressure transducer calibration is achieved most conveniently and precisely by application of the calibrating pressure to all transducers simultaneously.

  • If this calibration is done prior to connection of the manometric assembly, this is done best by application of a standard air pressure to each transducer simultaneously after it has been filled with water.

  • This requires a connector arm with a female luer fitting for each transducer, a means of raising pressure in a controlled manner, a calibrating pressure gauge in the appropriate range, and a means of sealing the calibrator tightly, once it has been pressurised to the set level.

  • If calibration is done after connection of the manometric assembly, this should be fully filled with perfusate, and then the assembly should be held horizontal at the zero position.

  • Once the zero position is calibrated, the assembly is raised a known distance, thus applying a standard calibrating hydrostatic head.
    Dentsleeve air pressure calibrator

    Dentsleeve calibrator consists of a main silicone rubber tube manifold with silicone rubber side arms which meet the needs described in 'Background'.

    The standard designs match the channel spacings of
    Dentsleeve manometric perfusion pumps.

    Standard calibrators are available for simultaneous calibration of
    6-21 channels on
    Dentsleeve perfusion pumps.

    The design minimises tangling of side arms to individual channels.

    The calibrator includes special design polycarbonate taps at each end of the calibrator manifold for easy removal of any perfusate trapped in the calibrator lumen.

    The taps used seal very effectively, and so the pressure in the calibrator is well maintained during calibration.

    Slide pinch clamps are supplied on each calibrator sidearm for convenient closure of sidearms not required for a particular calibration.


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