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Gas supply filtration for manometric perfusion pumps

Gas supply filtration


  • The gas filters we now supply (Dentsleeve product code FIL/GA/1) are intended specifically for Dentsleeve manometric perfusion pumps, and are installed within our pump control box.

  • They filter the gas feed to the second stage regulator which is also installed in the pump control box.

  • Gas filtration is needed because the performance of the high precision second stage regulator
    is impaired by relatively small particles as a result of the very fine openings they use to control
    gas flow.
    Description/performance data

    These filters have a 0.3 micron pore size and a relatively large filtration capacity. They are distinguished from our water filters of the same shape by the marking GAS-0.3 um.

    Their low cost allows them to be discarded when clogged.

    Filters have luer lock male/female fittings which allow easy replacement.

    The second stage regulator for the perfusate driving gas (air or nitrogen) is protected by these filters.

    The filters are reached by removing the lid of the pump control box, which is readily removed by unscrewing the screws on the side of the box.

    To replace a filter, disconnect the spent filter at the luer lock connectors. The Dentsleeve 0.3 micron gas filter should not be confused with the 20 micron water filter, which has the same shape. The gas filter is marked with "GAS". Double check that you are using the correct filter.

    Ensure that the luer connectors are mated firmly to give a gas-tight connection.
    Recognition of need for filter replacement

    The service life of the filters depends on the quality of the gas supply.

    Filters should be replaced when they are restricting gas flow to a level that impairs pump performance.

    Restriction of gas flow by a clogged filter is evident as a major sustained drop of the final supply pressure on the control box pressure gauges during high levels of manifold water or gas outflow, in the face of an adequate supply of gas to the filter.


    Filtration capacity needs to be conserved by the use of a high quality gas supply.

    If the service life of the filter is unacceptable short, this indicates that the gas supply contains an unacceptable level of particles.

    Dentsleeve can advise on suitable additional gas filtration measures, if necessary.

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